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Predictions : Specific Characterstics
You will have a strong, careful, forcible and watchful nature. You are laborious and possess and austere uncontrollable character. Domestic infelicity may make you distrustful of others and you may get entangled in hazardous speculations. Your pride may border on to vain gloriousness which you may curtail by exercising your will-force. You are apt to assert your independence at opportune moments, and accrue benefits.
You will have a fortunate and profitable nature, and kind humane disposition. You will have gains and legacies and success through marriage and partnership / collaboration. You will have warm sympathies and a dutiful family. You will have artistic faculty, plenty of confiance-en-soi and an inclination to form rather than colour. One of your off-springs could be source of pride and joy to your family. You have a strong, forceful nature and a ersonality capable of desiring command. You are frank,
open-minded and generous in disposition. You have an adventurous spirit, inclined to exploits and hazardous feats. You will gain through inheritance and acquire properties in a rather late age.

Mental Qualities :
You will be ambitious, generous, faithful, fearless and proud. You will be rich in life and feeling, and will be openly opposed to cliques, secrecy and underhand actions. You have the broadness of the mind and will be oblivious to enmity.
Physical Attributes
According to your Horoscope, you will have stout physique with broad shoulders. You will be sunny cheerful disposition, will have fearless eyes of grey tint, wavy hair with receding hairline. You will walk upright and talk straight. On the whole, you will have a right royal disposition.

General State of Health :
Your zodiacal sign rules over the shoulders, arms, hands, bronchial tubes, fingers, nervous system, etc. Your potential problems could be asthma, chest disorders, colds, flu, spondylitis, etc. Your shoulders/arms/hands/fingers, trachea, bronchial tubes, upper ribs and thymus are the trouble-spots which may need medical attention during some time of your life. Stress (if in Administrative job) can lead to blood-pressure related problems. Profession demanding lot of travelling can induce problems due to exposure and irregular food-habits. All you need is adequate rest and peaceful sleep, regular homely meals with a relaxed mind. Yoga could work wonders for you. You should take a lot of carrots, cauliflower, garlic and pomegranates.Since the Ascendant has no affliction in your chart, you will be in good health. Since Mercury afflicts the Moon in your chart, you may have some memory-related problems and excess of worries.
Since Venus afflicts the Moon in your chart, you may suffer from general weakness and tiredness. Since Mars afflicts the Moon in your chart, you may suffer from blood-loss, ruptures and inflammatory swellings. Since Rahu afflicts the Moon in your chart, you are prone to suffer from colds and constipation. Since Ketu afflicts the Moon in your chart, you may have ruptures and may suffer from inflammatory diseases.
Since Saturn afflicts the Sun in your chart, you may suffer from colds, contractions and obstructions; constipation and general weakness are possible too.Since Uranus afflicts the Sun in your chart, you may suffer from heart-diseases.Since Mars and Saturn both afflict the sign Aquarius in your chart, you may have affections in the regions of buttocks or shank portions.Since Mars and Saturn both afflict the sign Virgo in your chart, your waist region is prone to affections.

Education and Profession :
Favourable planetary combinations in your chart makes you blessed. You will have a sharp mind and keen intellect. You will have success in any educational field of your choice. You will have excellent education with some distinct specialization in a field. You will also have informal studies covering a very wide range of interesting subjects. People will treat you with respect
for your wisdom and consider you to be a store-house of knowledge. You will do well in research-studies and may secure a doctorate degree. Your high education will lead you to success in the field of profession also. In your chart, Mercury gains good strength in Ashtaka-Varga. This will give you very good academic accomplishments with a good degree of proficiency in the various subjects of choice. The planetary combinations in your chart make you specially suited for the Technological fields. You
will be very inquisitive not only about the principles but also with the working mechanisms involved. In addition to a basic degree in Science you may have a degree/ diploma in Technology. The planetary combinations in your chart bestow on you the qualities of a born businessman. You will be quick to learn the aspects of trade and commerce. You will make a fortune by trading and/ or manufacturing activities. As usual in business you may have to pass through some slack patcheswhen you will need to excercise control although during the most part you will do brisk business.

Wealth and Inheritance :
As regards family-wealth, you will have a prosperous, peaceful and secure position in life. You are very likely to have a gift of prophecy and a taste for divinatory arts. You will have success in artistic pursuits, love-affairs will keep you ever-fermenting. You will enjoy high patronage among ladies of substance. As regards domestic environments, lack of order and differences of opinion among family-members will keep you worried.
In your chart the lord of earnings placed in the favourable 10th house is a fortunate position and offer many desirable attributes. You will become very distinguished for your firm determination and strength of will. But you must understand your capacity-limitations and never have a bite bigger than you can chew; otherwise there will hang on the possibility of having a sharp downfall. You will occupy a high position and be a decision maker; you will have great progress in your life.
In your chart the lord of inheritance being placed in the 10th house is not a fortunate position since it can create obstacles by making you a victim of slander or disrepute. The position favours you with a good placement in the Government service or you will receive benefits from Defence establishments as for your business you will have to remain in good terms with them. You will earn a fortune but you will have to pass through wide fluctuations.

Marriage and Married Life :
Your chart indicates that you will have late marriage. In your chart your Ascendant-lord and the 7th-lord are in Opposition aspect which indicates that you two will differ from each other at times. By adopting a more compromising attitude you can ease the situations. You will however be very fond of each other for having a mutually loving and caring relationship.

Travel and Journeys :
In your chart most of the planets are situated in 'fixed' signs which indicates that you will seldom require long-distance travelling. You will not require changing places in connection with your profession. In your chart most of the planets are in angular houses and moveable signs. You will have many journeys mainly in connection with profession. You will also have some pleasure-trips to places of interest.

Lucky Stone :
Among auspicious gemstones RUBY (Manik or Chuni) will be favourable for you. You may take 3 to 5 Rattis of Ruby in a ring of Gold which should be worn on right hand ring finger on a Sunday. Cheaper substitute of Ruby is Surya-Kanta Mani or Lok Akeek which may be taken instead in a ring of Gold or Copper. While wearing the gemstone reciting the following 'Mantra' will be auspicious: Om Aasatyena Rajasaa Vartamano Niveshaayannamritam Mrityar cha Hiranyena Savita
Rathenadevo Yati Bhuvana Vipashyat. The weights of gemstones recommended above are for adult male people. For adult females the weights should be reduced to 3/4 to 1/2 part while for the children the weights should be reduced to 1/2 to 1/3 part.