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Predictions : Specific Characterstics
You will have a genial but weak nature, fairly disposed to extravagance and unsteady habits. You are likely to have change in pursuits but still be clever in business-dealings. You have a restless mind and shifting objectives. You will gain honour and rank by business and will acquire property. Your main characteristics will be fondness for home-life and steadfastness in affections. In early years, there are possibilities of trouble and grief, even of financial difficulties. You may have some disharmony in married state. Yet you are sure to become duly compensated by having rise in life by the strength of your own merit. You nature will be generous, kind and amiable; mind will be fructifying and well-balanced. You will be 'faithful in love and dauntless in war' - a worthy friend and generous enemy. You will have a real happy marriage and substantial wealth. You will have many journeys in connection with your profession, cultural or intellectual mission, or for simply touring purpose. You will be loved and respected for your sense of justice and probity.

Mental Qualities :
You will have a happy go lucky disposition, genial and kind nature and will be fond of show and approbation. You will just, persuasive, artistic and initiative. You will be neat and orderly. You may be somewhat amorous and fickle.

Physical Attributes :
According to your Horoscope, you will have a tall, elegant figure with blue eyes, fair skin, fine brown hair carefully parted near the middle, attractive sets of teeth and beautiful finger-nails. Your nose will be straight - Grecian type.

General State of Health :
Your zodiacal sign rules over Head and Face. As such you are prone to headaches, fevers, neuralgia and eye-problems. You are habituated to take well-thought-out decisions ; these could lead to heartburn and stress.. You should relax more often and avoid stressful situations. You should take a lot of tomatoes, onions, mustard, pepper, garlic, ginger coriander, etc.Since the Ascendant has no affliction in your chart, you will be in good health. Since Rahu afflicts the Moon in your chart, you are prone to suffer from colds and constipation. Since Ketu afflicts the Moon in your chart, you may have ruptures and may suffer from inflammatory diseases.
Since Venus afflicts the Sun in your chart, you are prone to suffer from weakness and tiredness; some problems with the generative system also possible.Since Mars and Saturn both afflict the sign Leo in your chart, the part of the body prone to affections is the belly region.

Education and Profession :
You will achieve a good level of education and will hold a Bachelor's degree at least. Besides formal education, you will have your interest in some other fields also in which you will excel. You will be intelligent and clever as well. You may have some specialization or professional training. You will do well in the fields where certain special abilities find prompt utilization while the academic learnings do not have much of scope. Certain planetary combinations present in your chart give rise to auspicious 'Vidya Yoga'. This will give you higher education and success in academic pursuits. You will have in-depth studies in some
serious subjects throughout life for which people will treat you with great respect. The planetary combinations in your chart bestow on you a special interest in functioning of living beings. You may study Biological Sciences and may acquire education in the Medical field. You may be a Physician or a Surgeon; alternately you may be a professional in some other medicine related
fields. The planetary combinations in your chart bestow on you the qualities of a born businessman. You will be quick to learn the aspects of trade and commerce. You will make a fortune by trading and/ or manufacturing activities. As usual in business you may have to pass through some slack patches when you will need to excercise control although during the most part you will do brisk business.

Wealth and Inheritance :
As regards family-wealth, you will have enough what a person of noble descent would normally be endowed with. You will be a lover of music, dance and fine arts. You will be a supporter of benevolent measures and projects, and will be a patron of all that tends to beautify and enliven life. As regards domestic environments, there would be nothing more you could wish for : all-round gentle humanness, traditional culture, devotional wisdom and searchful intellect. In your chart the lord of earnings placed in the favourable 9th house has given rise to auspicious 'Dhana-Yoga' ensuring influx of money through various sources. But you should not be overly optimistic in speculative investments as chances of incurring losses are also there; you may have
some problems from foreign lands or distant inland places and during long journeys.The favorable lines for you are institutes for higher learning, charitable organizations, museums, libraries, foreign affairs, evangelistic foundations, etc.
In your chart the lord of inheritance being placed in the 12th house has given rise to auspicious 'Veepareeta Raja Yoga' which offers sudden upliftment of status in some unusual way. You will not have steady gains as there will be considerable fluctuations. Contract jobs will be suitable for you and you will have gains from distant inland places. You may have secret enemies who might try to cause harm to you for which you should remain careful. Your health also needs to be watched as
you may suffer from feverish conditions and blood-loss.

Marriage and Married Life :
Your chart indicates that you will have early marriage. In your chart your Ascendant-lord and the 7th-lord are in favorable Sextile aspect which assures a cordial and friendly relationship with your marriage-partner. Your relationship will be based on mutual love and trust. You will have similarities of thoughts and ideals which will make you value each other's opinion; this will make the relationship last for ever.

Travel and Journeys :
In your chart most of the planets are situated in moveable and/ or common signs. This will make you a born wanderer who will have many changes in life. You will have many journeys in connection with your profession; you will also have travels and tours for pleasure and profit.

Lucky Stone :
Among auspicious gemstones P.G. PEARL (Moti) will be favourable for you. You may take 4 to 6 Rattis of P.G. Pearl in a ring of Silver which should be worn on right hand small finger on a Monday of 'Shukla Paksha' or bright fort- night. Cheaper substitute of P.G. Pearl is Moonstone or Safed Akeek which may be taken instead in a ring of Silver. While wearing the gemstone reciting the following 'Mantra' will be auspicious: Dadhisankha-tusharabham Kshirodarnava-sambhavam namami Shashinam Bhavatya
The weights of gemstones recommended above are for adult male people. For adult females the weights should be reduced to 3/4 to 1/2 part while for the children the weights should be reduced to 1/2 to 1/3 part.