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Predictions : Specific Characterstics
You will have religious spirit and an inclination to extremism and fanaticism. Love-affairs may lead you to have disputes and quarrels with powerful enemies. You should exercise your 'will-force' to overcome your corrupt sympathies and morbid enthusiasm, otherwise you may lose your position through the acts of your false friends and accusations of your secret enemies. You will have a kind, warm disposition and a genial nature - although inconstant, yet very
sympathetic. Your inherent merits will raise you to a high position and will confer much success and wealth. You may have inconstancy in your marriage state, even may have two marriages or extra-marital affairs.
You will have a passionate nature, infected with an utter disregard of the consequences of action. A certain degree of religious or fanatical enthusiasm will lead you to fanciful projects which may bring in disappointments for you. You may incur losses by strifes and enmities, and by secret means. You may have some trouble in marriage state, which may even lead to separation. Female influences on you are likely to be detrimental; but by God's grace, you will be always be back in track by receiving
assistance from friends in high places. Your nature fluctuates between two extremes at times, whereas you may be very audacious at other times. By exercising your 'will-force', you should check this tendency; otherwise people may consider you unreliable, and you may lose the opportunities of advancement.

Mental Qualities :
You are sort of a versatile genius having quick understanding and good judgment. You are loquacious, changeful, passionate and at times, secretive. You may be disposed to a "double" life. People might have varying opinions about you as they will find you difficult to understand.

Physical Attributes :
You will have a rather short stature and full-fleshed body; your complexion will be pale and you will have full, relatively big, translucent eyes. Your limbs, particularly the feet, will be short and you have stooping shoulders. You will have thick dark and black hair.

General State of Health :
Your zodiacal sign rules over Head and Face. As such you are prone to headaches, fevers, neuralgia and eye-problems. You are habituated to take well-thought-out decisions ; these could lead to heartburn and stress..
You should relax more often and avoid stressful situations. You should take a lot of tomatoes, onions, mustard, pepper, garlic, ginger coriander, etc.Since the Ascendant has no affliction in your chart, you will be in good health. Since Jupiter afflicts the Moon in your chart, you are prone to suffer from blood-related diseases. Since Venus afflicts the Sun in your chart, you are prone to suffer from weakness and tiredness; some problems with the generative system also possible.Since Saturn afflicts the Sun in your chart, you may suffer from colds, contractions and obstructions; constipation and general weakness are possible too.Since Mars and Saturn both afflict the sign Leo in your chart, the part of the body prone to affections is the belly region.

Education and Profession :
Planetary combinations in your chart make you a fortunate person in respect of education; you will be very intelligent and will have a high level of education. You will be successful in any stream you would choose and will achieve a Master's degree at least. You may continue your studies further and for your academic accomplishments you will be widely respected. You will have interest in various fields and in every field you will excel. In more than one main line of education you may secure graduation degrees which will give you some distinct advantages in the field of profession. Certain planetary combinations present in your chart give rise to auspicious 'Vidya Yoga'. This will give you higher education and success in academic pursuits. You will have in-depth studies in some serious subjects throughout life for which people will treat you with great respect.
The planetary combinations in your chart bestow on you the qualities of a born businessman. You will be quick to learn the aspects of trade and commerce. You will make a fortune by trading and/ or manufacturing activities. As usual in business you may have to pass through some slack patches when you will need to excercise control although during the most part you will do brisk business.

Wealth and Inheritance :
As regards family-wealth, the position is only good to begin with. Fortunes you will obtain after marriage, and through inheritance from deceased ladies. You will have chances of receiving favours from ladies of aristocratic background. As regards domestic environments, the no. of family-members may be but a few, mostly of extrovert type. Your partner will be fond of pleasures, jewels and all sorts of valuables and precious things; and, will spend lavishly on these. In your chart the lord of earnings placed in the un favourable 8th house is not good for arriage-partner and for legacies. It may give a long-drawn Law- suit in connection with property matters of a deceased relative. In respect of longevity however this is a happy position. Favourable lines for you may have connection with other people's money like provident fund, insurance, moneyexchange,
value and loss assessing, surveying, testing houses, etc. In your chart the lord of inheritance being placed in the 2nd aspects the house of inheritance -- thereby strengthening the concerned house and boosting it's indications. You will receive parental
property and will be benitted by marriage with a person from a wealthier family. You will have gains from your younger co-borns also.

Marriage and Married Life :
-1 In your chart your Ascendant-lord and the 7th-lord are in Square aspect. This indicates possibility of having emotional outbursts and even quarrels at times. You may have certain differences in attitude and outlook which may be the root cause of troubles. You will have your relationship much improved when you would understand that marriage is not a field of romance but of diplomacy.

Travel and Journeys :
In your chart most of the planets are situated in moveable and/ or common signs. This will make you a born wanderer who will have many changes in life. You will have many journeys in connection with your profession; you will also have travels and tours for pleasure and profit.

Lucky Stone :
Among auspicious gemstones RUBY (Manik or Chuni) will be favourable for you. You may take 3 to 5 Rattis of Ruby in a ring of Gold which should be worn on right hand ring finger on a Sunday. Cheaper substitute of Ruby is Surya-Kanta Mani or Lok Akeek which may be taken instead in a ring of Gold or Copper.
While wearing the gemstone reciting the following 'Mantra' will be auspicious: Om Aasatyena Rajasaa Vartamano Niveshaayannamritam Mrityar cha Hiranyena Savita Rathenadevo Yati Bhuvana Vipashyat. The weights of gemstones recommended above are for adult male people. For adult females the weights should be reduced to 3/4 to 1/2 part while for the children the weights should be reduced to 1/2 to 1/3 part.