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There Are Various Remedies For Day To Day Life And Problems. 

  • If You Are Going Through Rough Times, Give Water To Peepal, Tree Everyday In The Morning And Every Saturday Light One Ghee Diya And  Chant Shani Stotra, It Will  Clear Your Negativities And Protect You From Bad Patch. 
  • Everyday Say Hanuman Chalisa To Prev Ent Bad Effects On Life.  You Will  Come Out From Any Bad Situation.
  • There Are Lots Of Such Minor Remedies Which Help And Prevent Destruction.

Remedies Are Given According To Your Situation, So Feel Free To Get In Touch For Free Solutions And Advice.I Wish To Help Everyone, A Hindu Or A Muslim, A Sikh Or A Christian, Everybody Can Benifit From This And Make Life Happy.

» Rudraksha : The Holy Beads – Rudra – Aksha – Means Eye Of Lord Shiva.  The One Who Wears Is Under The Protection Of Lord Shiva.   Other Forms Of Benefits Of Healing Objects And Protected From All Disease And Devils.  Rudraksha Trees Are Found In Nepal, India And Indonesia. There Are Cliffs On The Surface  Of The Beads, Which Are Called Faces.  The Faces Are Clearly Visible And They Are Av Ailable In Form Of  1 Face To 14 Faces.  And 14 To 21 Faced

» Ratnas : Means Stones And Cystals.  Wearing Precious And Semi Precious Stones Brings Good Luck Peace, Prosperity, Happiness, Health, Wealth And Favourable Gems Bring About Name, Fame, Power And Make Life Smooth.  Gems Are Related With The 9 Planets, That Is Why They Are Called “ Nav Ratna” – 9 Gems .  

Their Influence On The Human Body And Mind For Well  Being With Magnetic Energy.




Hanuman Chalisa

Choughadia Hora