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Predictions : Specific Characterstics
You will have a sober mind, good judgment and a quick intellect. But richness of intellect and lack of concern for method may lead you to profusion and disorder. You will have versatility and capacity of general work. You will have a few enemies - sort of jealous people - but will always remain a victor over the vanquished. You will have studies in the fields of arts, literature, law and philosophy. You will have restless activities of mind, together with the rich creative power. You will have much romance, fertile imagination and life in foreign / distant lands. These may conduce to high renown and give wealth and good fortune. You are likely to gain through an inheritance or a legacy.
Your chief characteristics are philosophical and literary pursuits and in-depth researches of a scientific nature. You have a taste for lofty speculation and your strong passions are well-controlled. Your mind will be philosophical and the temperament sober. Although riches will be difficult to acquire in initial stages, riches are certain to you. You will have a few steadfast friends.

Mental Qualities :
You will be inclined to philosophy and religion, eclectic. You will not have much of interest in the intricacies of analytical sciences. Rather than becoming a store-house of information, you will acquire the superior capacity to have a quick overview of varied circumstances. You will be just, frank, generous, magnanimous and even-tempered.

Physical Attributes :
According to your Horoscope, you will have a tall, upright and well-proportioned figure. You will have an elongated face, rounded forehead with grey, brown or blue eyes - sparkling and expressive. You will have fair complexion and receding hairline balding about the temples. You will be of athletic building and will be fond of athletics and other expeditious activities.

General State of Health :
Your zodiacal sign has governance over genito-urinary system, external generative organs, excretory system, cervix, coccyx and prostrate gland. These are your vulnerable areas. Elimination or disorder in connection with elimination will determine your remaining in desired state of health or suffering from disease. You should take special care and exercise fullest possible control over your intake of food and drink, and also over your arousal of strong passions - which may increase the level of toxins in the body. You should have plenty of sleep and should remain in a relaxed state of mind. You should take more of leeks, radishes, garlic, ginger and ginseng.Since the Ascendant has no affliction in your chart, you will be in good health. Since Pluto afflicts the Moon in your chart, you are prone to suffer from diseases resulting from unheigenic environmental conditions like dust particles, fumes, smoke, radiation, etc. Since the Sun is bearing no affliction in your chart, you won't inherit any disease from your parents. If you per chance have any ailments, those will only be short-lived. Your eye-sight will also remain good. Since Mars and Saturn both afflict the sign Scorpio in your chart, your generative organs and excretory system are prone to affections.Since Mars and Saturn both afflict the sign Gemini in your chart, your arms are likely to be affected.

Education and Profession :
The combinations of planets in your chart will bless you with a very keen intellect and a high level of education. You will be holding a Master's degree at least. You will have your interest in various fields and will have informal studies in a wide range of subjects. You may also persue some hobbies which will give you distinction.
You will be respected in the social circle for your accomplishments and people will seek your valuable advice on important matters. Certain planetary combinations present in your chart give rise to auspicious 'Vidya Yoga'. This will give you higher education and success in academic pursuits. You will have in-depth studies in some serious subjects throughout life for which people will treat you with great respect. The planetary combinations in your chart make you specially suited for the Technological fields. You will be very inquisitive not only about the principles but also with the working mechanisms involved.
In addition to a basic degree in Science you may have a degree/ diploma in Technology. The planetary combinations in your chart bestow on you the qualities of a born businessman. You will be quick to learn the aspects of trade and commerce. You will make a fortune by trading and/ or manufacturing activities. As usual in business you may have to pass through some slack patches when you will need to excercise control although during the most part you will do brisk business.
Wealth and Inheritance As regards family-wealth, you will have a prosperous, peaceful and secure position in life. You are
very likely to have a gift of prophecy and a taste for divinatory arts. You will have success in artistic pursuits, love-affairs will keep you ever-fermenting. You will enjoy high patronage among ladies of substance. As regards domestic environments, lack of order and differences of opinion among family-members will keep you worried.

In your chart the lord of earnings placed in the favourable 10th house is a fortunate position and offer many desirable attributes. You will become very distinguished for your firm determination and strength of will. But you must understand your capacity-limitations and never have a bite bigger than you can chew; otherwise there will hang on the possibility of having a sharp downfall. You will occupy a high position and be a decision maker; you will have great progress in your life.
In your chart the lord of inheritance being placed in the Ascendant is a very fortunate indication in respect of inheritance. You will not only have substancial property from your parents but also will receive a legacy through your marriage-partner who will have an aristocratic background. In one respect you should remain careful that you will be prone to accidental mishaps, which can inflict head-injuries.

Marriage and Married Life :
Your chart indicates that you will be married at normal age-period. In your chart your Ascendant-lord and the 7th-lord are in Semi-sextile aspect which assures a fairly good relationship with your marriage-partner. Both the partners will be mutually well-disposed and have concern for each other. The bond will be lasting and stable.

Travel and Journeys :
In your chart most of the planets are situated in moveable and/ or common signs. This will make you a born wanderer who will have many changes in life. You will have many journeys in connection with your profession; you will also have travels and tours for pleasure and profit. In your chart most of the planets are in angular houses and moveable signs. You will have many journeys mainly in connection with profession. You will also have some pleasure-trips to places of interest.

Lucky Stone :
Among auspicious gemstones YELLOW SAPPHIRE (Peeta Pukhraj) will be favourable for you. You may take 5 to 7 Rattis of Yellow Sapphire in a ring of Gold which should be worn on right hand index finger on a Thursday. Cheaper substitute of Yellow Sapphire is Topaz (Sunhela) which may be taken instead in a ring of Gold. While wearing the gemstone reciting the following 'Mantra' will be auspicious: Devanam cha Rishinam cha Gurum Kanchana Sannibham Buddhibhutam Trilokesham tam namami
Brihaspatim. The weights of gemstones recommended above are for adult male people. For adult females the weights should be reduced to 3/4 to 1/2 part while for the children the weights should be reduced to 1/2 to 1/3 part.